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Upcoming Shows 

June 18 - Private Party

June 28 - Tiki Bar | Costa Mesa

July 20 - Private Party

September 20 - Private Party

September 21 - Private Party

October 25 - Harp Inn | Costa Mesa


A tribute to The Rolling Stones,

SATISFACTION began as a collective love for the

“Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World”.

 A talented and experienced group of players bring you the sounds of the Stones

like you have never experienced them before. 

1 (2).jpeg

Let's Spend the Night Together

After a few years of on and off shows,

SATISFACTION is geared up and recharged.

The band is ready to satisfy the crowd with a revamped set list

that offers hit after hit after hit!



This is how we like to Rock n' Roll!

The sweet sounds of yesterday, combined with an upbeat stage presence & energy to match.

Below is a collection of concert footage for your viewing,

but nothing compares to the in-person  SATISFACTION experience. 

Wild Horses
Sympathy for the Devil
Miss You
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